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Todo Destruido Distro List 2018

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New arrivals/restocks for March 2018:
S-21 "Operation menu" 7" (World Gone Mad) $7
Reptoides "Nueva Especie" 7" (World Gone Mad) $6
Reptoides "s/t" 7" (World Gone Mad) $6
Retretes "Aguantando como pueda" 7" (World Gone Mad) $6
Nuke Cult "Stress Relief" 7" (Animated) $6
Unarm "Myth and Reality 311" Lp (Desolate) $13
Life/Instinct of Survival "pslit" 7" (Desolate) $6
Life "Violence, Peace, and Peaceresearch" Lp (Desolate) $12
Mujeres Podridas "demo" 7" (SOD) $7
Pura Mania "Cerebros Punk" Lp (CVR) $14
Rashomon "demo" 7" (SBR) $6
Remnants "Accomplices Not Allies" Lp (En Tu Kara) $12
Ausencia "Cuantas Vidas" 7" (Verdugo) $6
Criaturas "Ruido Antisocial" 7" (Overthrow Records) Purple vinyl $8
Silent Age "demo" (Malvine)Tape $5
Sacrificio "s/t" Lp (SPHC) $12
Ausencia/Narcoestado "split" 7" (Todo Destruido) $6
Kurraka "Otra Dimension" Tape (Todo Destruido) $5
Mujeres Podridas "demo" Tape (Todo Destruido) $5
Slimy Member "s/t" 7" (Todo Destruido) $6 (Limited reissue on Red vinyl for west coast tour)
Vaaska "Todos contra todos" Cd (Vox Populi) $12
Silent Age "demo" (Malvine)Tape $5
Sacrificio "s/t" Lp (SPHC) $12
Ausencia/Narcoestado "split" 7" (Todo Destruido) $6
Ajax "s/t" 7" (Beach Impediment) $6
Warthog "s/t" 7" (Beach Impediment) $6
Blystex "demo" Tape(Foreign legion) $5
Criaturas "Ruido Antisocial" 7" (Todo Destruido) $6
Impalers "Cellar Dweller" Lp (540 Records) $14
Glue "s/t" Lp (Glue Records) $12
Last Rites "Fascism means war" 7" (Loud Punk) $6
Obstruction "demo" Flexi 7" (Flexipunk) $6

Alambres "Palos y Cascos" (Sin Temores) $6
Anusol "Extra Strength" (Dark Raids) $6
Assassinators "I Disse Morke Tider" (halo of flies) $5
Ausencia "s/t" (Verdugo) $6
Bad Energy "DeadMagic" (STL) $6
Bastard Sons of Apocalypse "s/t" 7"(Distort Reality) $5
Bed Bugs "s/t" (Mata La Musica) $6
Beton Combo "Sound LTD"  (Static Age) $6
Bici Hardcore "Es el fin de la era" (Metadona) $6
Blood Runs Red "s/t" (Whispers In Darkness) $5
Chaos UK "Shit Man Fucker!" (540) $6
Cold Institution/The Apathetics "split"  (BHL) $6
Complications "s/t" 7" (Feral ward) $6
Crazy Spirit "New" (Toxic State) $6
Desgraciados "demo"  (LSP) $5
Deskonocidos "s/t" (540) $5
Diskurz "s/t" (Todo Destruido) $4
Disturd "Isolation" (Black Water) $4
Drapetomania "s/t" (Todo Destruido) $5
Dye "s/t" 7" Lathe (Super Secret) $6
EEL 7" (Beach Impediment) $6
Ekolalia "Si lo ke kieres es una guerra" (Discos Verdugos) $5
Electrocutioner "5 tracks demo" (MES) $6
Esperanza "The Begining"  (Todo Destruido) Colored Vinyl) $5
FUK "Bad Drugs competition" 7" (Gasmask) $6
Fumigados "s/t"  (Verdugo) $6
Hairlong and Freeky "s/t" (Lumpy Rex) $6
Kantuta "s/t" (Sin Temores) $6 Limited version in envelope
Kicks "The Secret/The retuen of the action men" (540 Records) $5
Las Senoras "s/t"  (Solo Para Punks) $6
La Stasi "Con La Stasi no follamos" (Discos Regresivos) $6
La Terminal "s/t"  (Solo Para Punks) $6
Las Senoras "s/t"  (Solo Para Punks) $6 
Los Jacks "Esperando al eskuardon" $5
Mutant Cross "Filthy Hounds" Flexi (LSP) $5
Mutant Itch/Video Filth "split"  (Dark Raids) $6
Napolnariz "s/t" (TPVR Records) $6
Necromongo "Grabaciones desde la ultratumba" (Lengua Armada) $6
Nervous Trend "Shattered"  (Residue) $5 Red Vinyl
No Escape "Generation Trap" (Trabuc) $5
Nukehammer "Soviet rusl belt"  (Solar Funeral) $5
Obedience "Demo"  (Fair Warning) $6 
Os Estudantes "Perdao"  (Todo Destruido) $5  Last Copies
Peligro Social/Born Dead "split" 7" (Tank Crimes) $6
Pillage "s/t"  (Residue) $5 
Poliskitzo "Dulce del sistema" (Todo Destruido) $5
Primetime "Ging Places" (LVEUM) $6
Prision Postumo "s/t" (Discos MMM) $6
Putas Mierdas "Extincion" (Trabuc) $6
Reckless "El Dorado" (Discos MMM) $6  
Sacrificio "Juventud Descebrada" (Cintas Pepe) $6
Salted City "Rebirth" (Adelante) $5
Sista Kriget "8 track horror" (black water) $6
Slimy Member "EP"(Todo Destruido) $6
Slowmotions "Operation Anagram" (540) $6 Green Vinyl
Snot Rockettes "Prom Night Massacre" (Todo Destruido) $2
Sotatila "VituiksMeni" (Havoc) $5
Soul Craft "The Legacy" 7" w/cd (General Speech) $6
Southside Stranglers "Too much TV" (Grave Mistake) $5
Speed Kills "s/t" (Nada Nada) $6
Strangers "Where do we go" (Verdugo) $6
Strutter "s/t" (Static Shock) $6 
Sudor "4 Canciones" 7" (Todo Destruido) $5
Systematic Death "Systema 7" (Armageddon) $6
The Corpse "s/t" (Distort Reality) $6
Tom and Bootboys/Mutant Itch "split" (Dark Raids) $6
Tozcos "s/t"  (Verdugo) $6
Trau "s/t" (Static Age) $6
Ultratumbados "Requiem de un decada"7" (Todo Destruido) $5
Usura "En Verga"  (Metadona) $5
Vaaska "Futuro Primitivo" (Vox Populi) $8
Vaaska Condenado"  (Heartfirst) $6
Vaaska "Futuro Primitivo" (Beach Impediment) $6
Vaaska "Futuro Primitivo" (Vox Populi) $8
Warhead "Cry of truth" (Break The Records) $7
Warning/Warning "my world" (Flower of Carnage) $5
Wet Brain "s/t" (Residue) $5
Who Killed Spikey Jacket? "Beerstorm Trooper" 7" (Headcount) $5
Zero "Paradox"  (Desolate Records) $5
Zero "The Mirror"  (Self Released) $5

Atheos "Religiones pordridas"  (Fallas) $12
Bandit "Heathen Rock"  (Solar Funeral) $12
Criaturas "Espiritu de libertad"  (Residue Records) $12
Criaturas "Espiritu de libertad" (Hardware) $12
Criaturas "Oscuridad Eterna"  (Lengua Armada) $10
Forward "Against their insanity"  (540) $12
Kieltolaki "s/t" Lp (Moo Cow) $10
La Urss "Sonidos de un derrumbe" Lp (Todo Destruido) $12
La Urss "Maravillas del mundo"  (Discos MMM) $12
Los Monjo" La vida que todos envidian" Lp (MMM) $10
Mauser "Isolation" Lp (Vinyl Rites) $10 Clear vinyl
Missbrukarna "Zoom in en zombie"  (Skrammel) $15
Neuroot "Right is might" (Havoc) $10
No Form "s/t" (Reagent Records) Lp $12
Origin of M "s/t" (Burai Core) $10
Psycho Sin "Forward to the caves" Lp + Cd (General Speech) $12
Produkt "Uzależnieni"  (Pasazer) $14
Skizophrenia! "Single ticket to demo-lition" (Todo Destruido) $12
Sudor "Enamorado de lamuerte juvenil" Lp (Beat Generation) $12
Sudor "Ganas de vomitar" 7" (Solo Para Punks) $12
Tragiedia "Punk til destruction" Lp $12
Versklaven "s/t"  (Torture Garden) $10
The Wankys "Knock one out"  (Sphc) $10
Warhead "s/t" Lp (540) $12
Zyanose "Noise Philia"  (Todo Destruido) $10
V/A Estamos en la sima 2 (Medellin Colombia 16 band compilation 2015)
V/A Estamos en la sima 3 (Medillin Colombia 16 band compilation 2016)

Accidente "s/t" (Cesspool Sounds) $4
Anti Armada/Kantuta "split" Tape (Sin Temores) $4
Army/Little Fish "Split" (S/R) $4
Ausencia "Cuantas Vidas" (Verdugo) $4
Blystex "demo" (Foreign legion) $5
Brain Killer "demo" (S/R) $4
Commoners "demo" (S/R) $4
Contort "2xdemo" (Doomed To Extinction) $5
Dishelldethterror "Endless Disgrace" (Doomsday) $4
DYE "Savages with power" (Super Secret) $5
Fumigados "Amor y Odio" (Ruidos Subterraneo) $4
FZ-10 "Nuevo Demo" (Rock Sub Discos) $5
Gast "demo" (S/R) $4
Grima/Mal Paso "split" (Self Released) $4
Haldol "demo" (Self Released) $4
Harhaa "Future Disorder" (Self Released) $5
HVAC "demo" (Self Released) $5
Judy and the Jerks "demo" (Earth Girl) $4
Kantuta/Anti Armada "split" (Sin Temores) $4
Kurraka "Otra Dimension" (Todo Destruido) $5
Lapinpolthajat "s/t" (Kolumbia Tuotanto) $5
Malokio "demo" (Self Released) $5
Mirror "Universal Dismay" (Self released) $5
Mujeres Podridas "demo" (Todo Destruido) $5
Nueva Autoridad Democratica "demo" (Todo Destruido) $4
Perdidos "La gente esta maldita" (DSR) $5
Pink Thing "demo" (Punk Alive) $5
Poliskitzo "Poliskitzofrenia" (GYP) $4
Prision Postumo "4 canciones" (S/R) $4
Silent Age "demo" (Malvine) $5
Slender "demo" (Toxic State) $5
Slimy Member "Ugly songs for ugly people" (Punk Alive) $5
Terkos "demo" (CC Records) $4
Torture Garden "Hecatombs" (s/r) $4
Tozcos "Existencia Aturdida/Demo" (S/R) $4
Trenches "2013 demo" (SelfReleased) $4
Ugly "demo" (Punk Alive)$5
V/A Night Kills You compilation w/ Tozcos, Damages,Sadicos, Stoic Violence, Manis, and Rayos X $4

Todo Destruido Wholesale List 2018

Here's the list of what we have available for wholesale. I tried to add a site for each band in order to hear them, not just read a description. Prices are listed + shipping.

Ausencia/Narcoestado "Split" 7" (TD-34) $4
I am stoked on this release as these are two of my favorite current bands going.  Ausencia comes back right where they left off on the "Cuantas Vidas" 7".   3 new songs of catchy melodic punk with a hint Oi!.  Narcoestado are back with their first release since the demo.  Their sound on this is a little different, yet still in the same vein.  Musically I think it's the same style with the vocals being less gruff.  I think the songwriting has grown a lot and the lyrics on this are very heart felt.  2 new songs of catchy/dark punk.  Art by Rafa Manrique/Limited to 500 copies.

Criaturas "Ruido Antisocial" 7" $4 (TD-35)
New EP for 2017 from Texas hardcore punk band Criaturas. Since their last LP "Espiritu De Libertad", this is the only proper new material the band has released since 2013! Between their affiliated projects like Vaaska, Impalers, Kurrakä, and a ton of other killer bands, it's understandable why certain bands take a back seat. That said, "Ruido Antisocial" is an indication that when Criaturas decides to reassemble, they pump out consistent material that is instantly recognizable and full of undeniable character. The rhythm section is groovy and chaotic, but super "in the pocket" with thumping bass lines that launch the intros of songs. The standout element is the vocals, which on previous releases have had moments of straight up singing that is melodic and eerie, but are totally vicious and shredded throughout on this new EP. The guitars are rocked out with face-melting leads, but still have this dark, ominous sensibility. Glad to hear this band hasn't quietly decided to call it quits and are returning totally raging new material.

Kurraka "Otra Dimesion" Tape (TD-032) $3
6 new songs of dark raw punk that we have come to expect from Kurraka.  The song writing on this starts where their Lp ended, but the sound on this is a bit rawer.  The songs on this recording are more punk, primitive, and raw, while still being catchy at the same time(Even though you can still hear hints of post punk).  Pro tapes/limited to 100 copies.

Mujeres Podridas "demo" Tape (TD-33) $3
Debut 4 track of raw, yet catchy Punk from Austin, TX.  This meets somewhere between 80's Spanish punk like Descheables or Ultimo Resorte, but mixed with the sound we have come to expect from Austin.  Members of Kurraka, Deskonocidos, etc... 2nd pressing limited to 100 copies/Pro tapes.  You can stream the full demo here:

Slimy Member "E.P" 7" (TD-029) $4(Limited press for their upcoming tour, all copies on Red vinyl)
Just like most cities, there's a new generation of kids and lots of new bands have been popping up. Dallas is no exception, and Slimy Member is one of those bands. Slimy Member play dark/anarcho/punk. The main reason this band really stood out to me amongst the many goth/post punk/dark bands(whatever) is because even though they have elements of those sounds, they still maintain to sound punk through the whole thing. The band reminds me of a mix between Exit-Stance and 80's L.A/OC Punk. After a demo tape and a U.S tour, this is their debut 7". 

Skizophrenia! "Single Ticket To Demo-Lition" Lp  (TD-31) $9
Here comes Skizophrenia! 20 songs discography LP from Tsuyama-city / Okayama-prefecture. It's been already 10 years since their first demo cassette. The LP is the vinyl pressing of the Hardcore Survives released CD out in June 2015. It includes the 1st demo "3 trax demo", the 2nd demo "Freedom land", the 1st EP "Raw punk E.A.T.E.R", the 2nd self-titled EP already released by Kick Rock and Hardcore survives, the 3rd EP "Don't give up", the split EP with Vaaska, and some rare demo tracks to well known sing-a-long songs. All songs are remastered. It's from the past to the future as "RAW PUNK MASTERPIECE"! They've pushed regular local city up to punk paradise, also great influence to so many bands and tour bands from their ideas. One of the biggest punk movement they've done. so The future is always our hands! Released in Europe by Kick Rock, in Japan by Hardcore Survives and in the US by Todo Destruido. No export to Japan or Europe. !!

Sudor "Enamorado de la muerte juvenile" Lp (TD-028) $8
Sudor are back with their second full length, 10 new tracks inspired by Discharge, RIP and the whole Scandinavian 80s punk. They don´t need more than 14 minutes to proof one more time that they are the best and most active Spanish band, playing mostly all the weekends and touring the States and Europe every year. Already played at Chaos in Texas with the most success you can imagine. All their previous releases are absolutely sold out so act fast or cry later. Just play this album and count how many times they use the word “shit”!

Tragiedia "Punk Til Destruction 88-89" LP (TD-026) Out now!!! $9
Todo Destruido's newest release chronicles Tragiedia's 2 demos from 1988 and 1989 that were never officially released, just passed around through tape trading circles and some select tracks more recently released as a split tape with PSI by Malarie Records. You might recognize some of their songs from Post Regiment's "Tragedia" LP. Tragiedia was a late 80's polish band that played raw HC/Punk with anger and fury. For fans of Siekiera (1984), TZN Xenna, etc. Mastered by Smoku of Post Regiment.

Esperanza "The Begining" 7" $4 From the ashes of Persevere comes a new band from Hiroshima, Japan, Esperanza.  This 7" is a mini-cd that was originally released on Insane World Records (Japan).  We loved at at first listen and knew this was something Todo Destruido wanted to release.  Esperanza play raw pogo punk in the way that only the Japanese can do it.  Very catchy, energetic, and fun.  For fans of bands like Laukaus, Last Survivors and Persevere.  Limited to 500 copies, pocket sleeve and 100 on colored vinyl for mail-order and from the band.  Don't miss out on this one!

Sudor "Cuatro Canciones..." 7" (Todo Destruido) $4
Brand new 7" from one of my favorite bands on the world, Spain's Sudor! If you've talked to me about music in the past couple of years I've probably tried to shove their LP down your throat, and finally here's a domestic release that you can grab on the cheap to give them a sampling. These tracks were recorded at the same time as their first 7", and were originally intended for a compilation that never came out. Quality-wise, these are top-notch... in terms of sound, I still haven't really figured how to describe this band in an intriguing way. Simple riffs, strong Discharge inspiration, but with minimal distortion on the guitar and absolutely manic, frantic tempos but still insanely catchy. This is the sound of PUNK  -Sorry State

La URSS "Sonidos de un derrumbe" Lp (Todo Destruido 19) $7
After the "Producto" Lp, La URSS released a 7" called "Mecanismo". On this Ep I felt the band had grown and finally got a sound all of there own so I was curious to what the new Lp would sound like. As soon as I heard the new Lp it clicked immediatley. It was better than anything they had done before and even catchier than before. This has alot to do with the back-up vocals added, something they usually don't do. The songs get a little darker on this Lp without getting into the Post Punk/Goth realm. Great guitar work, catchy bass lines/back up vocals can be expected on this release. Amazing record, highly recommended!

ZYANOSE "Noise Philia 2005-2011" Lp (Todo/Destruido/540 Records) Out Now! ($7)
Crazy, blown out, HC/Noise punk done the way only the Japanese can. This Lp compiles all of their 7", demos, comp songs etc...Full color sleeve with black dust sleeve. Great record/live band as well.

Diskurz "s/t" 7" ($4)
"Debut 7" from this Croatian band who play awesome singalong punk
that reminds me a lot of 80s Spanish greats Eskorbuto. Like that band, Diskurz blend simple, catchy riffs and vocals with melodic guitar leads and very aggressive playing to yield a product that combine all of the best elements of punk and HC. Another awesome product from what's becoming one of the best and most consistent labels around." - Sorry State Records

Ultratumbados "Requiem para una decada" 7" ($4)
This is the debut EP by Chicago's Latino Punks, Ultratumbados. 5 songs of catchy and melodic punk with a dark feel. Bass driven, catchy hooks, solid drums, and dual vocals is what is to be expected from this record. Lots of influence ranging from Eskorbuto to Joy Division.

The SnotRockettes "Prom Night Massacre" 7" ($4)
This is the 2nd single by Seattle's all female pop group, The SnotRockettes. One new song of pure power-pop/doo wop punk rocknroll and a cover by Dion and the Belmonts done in a way, only they could pull off. The SnotRockettes still carry the dirty rocknroll sound Seattle has produced, not unlike bands like The Briefs. Ex/Current-Members of The Cute Lepers, The Pop-Machine, The Shy Ones, etc...Limited to 500 copies w/purple dust sleeve.)

Not on T.D, but we can Wholesale:

DYE "Savages with power" Cassette (Super Secret) $3
Would-be debut EP from this Austin, Texas band, released as a tape rather than adding to the world's bulging stock of 7" hardcore vinyl. We've carried a handful of Dye tapes in recent memory, and these four tracks are definitely the best distillation of the band's sound... as I've mentioned before, they have a pogo-infused hardcore sound that is definitely of a piece with fellow Austin bands like Glue and Strutter, and the powerful recording and explosive performance on display here are noteworthy.

Sudor "Ganad de vomitar" Lp (Solo Para Punks) $8
After an early 7" and a split with Crimen de Estado, here's the debut long-player from Spain's Sudor. Their split LP was one of the fastest-selling records I've ever had in the distro, so I think it's safe to say this is a much-anticipated release, and it definitely delivers. Much like their countrymen in bands like Otan and Glam, Sudor play raw as f*** hardcore punk with an emphasis on incredible songwriting and an almost unfathomably passionate delivery. This thing is just searing from start to finish... the vocals are completely out of control and the guitars (which have minimal distortion) keep things driving at an absolutely breakneck pace. Spanish punk completists will NEED this one, but anyone into great international hardcore should check out this band. f***ing raging. Solo Para Punks Records

Criaturas "Espiritu de libertad" Lp (Hardware)  $7
The masters of Unholy Rock n’ Roll are at it again with their 2nd LP of insanely driven punk hysteria! An amazing 4 piece punk band crawling out of Austin, TX (featuring members of VAASKA, IMPALERS, KURRAKÄ, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, SIGNAL LOST etc.) feature Dru’s intense rapid fire vocals and Victor’s ripping guitar… this record just drives a steak through your heart with its dark, haunting, catchy, and brilliant energy! This is what punk should sound like with a UK82 Punk feel mixed with classic Spanish hardcore… totally raging, intense, and beyond simple punk stereotypes. By far one of the best records to come out this year!

Criaturas "Oscuridad Eterna" Lp (Lengua Armada) $7
Finally, a cheaper US pressing for one of my favorite LPs of last year. Criaturas feature members of Vaaska and Deskonocidos, and you'll recognize those melodic guitar lines immediately. The vocals, though, are what makes Criaturas, a powerful, melodic snarl that immediately recalls Japanese greats the Comes. Truly an absolutely brilliant LP... highest possible recommendation!

Putas Mierdas "Extincion" 7" (Trabuc Records) European release ($3)
After 2 7"s and a long delay, Putas Mierdas are back with a 3 song 7". Expect more of the same on this recording. Raw yet catchy and melodic punk punk with lots of hooks. Limited to 500 copies all on red vinyl. Here's a Youtube video of one of the songs on the 7".

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